Northern Lights Kush


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    Northern Lights Kush

    Northern Lights Kush
    crimsonfireNorthern Lights Kush
    Northern Lights Kush
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    Variety: Indica
    THC Level: medium
    Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
    Yield: 200-250 grams per square meter

    This is a popular strain combination which is often crossed to produce a specific medical strain for use as a pain medication. It combines the popular Northern Lights strain from Holland with the very potent Shiva strain from Europe. Combing the two plants results in a lighter THC level and buzz, but with a longer duration and better yields.

    The buds are smaller than both strains, but yield more THC than Northern Lights and more buds per plant than Shiva. The hardy properties of both Indica strains are also present, making this an easy-to-grow plant indoors or greenhoused. Their small size also makes them popular hydroponics plants, though limited yields compared to others mean this does not happen often. Northern Lights and Shiva crosses are usually prescribed for chronic pain in body, back, or from tooth problems or recent dental work.


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