Master Kush Shatter


Master Kush Shatter has it’s Parents plant, Chemdawg, Hindu Kush with Flavors, Earthy, Wood, Pine. Master Kush Shatter has 70-90% THC Content.

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    Enjoy the highest quality of cannabis with cheap Master Kush shatter

    Master Kush is a popular Indica cross between two landrace strains that produce a subtle citrusy smell and a vintage flavor. This strain offers an outstanding balance of holistic relaxation without numbing your mind. Master Kush shatter for sale is a derivative of this strain, which is much stronger and effective. It is prepared using an extraction method that eliminates unnecessary plant materials and preserves the desirable compounds. Dabbing is the most popular method of consuming this concentrate.

    Buy Master Kush shatter to avail its medical benefits

    Shatter contains a higher amount of THC and CBD compared to regular weed, making it an excellent option for medical marijuana patients. Those dealing with stress and anxiety can order Master Kush shatter to inspire creativity and positive thoughts! It is also a sweet relief for sufferers of eating and sleeping disorders. Thanks to the strong body numbing high, you can benefit from the pain-relieving properties of this extract. Start small to avoid any unwanted effects since higher potency may be lethal for someone with low tolerance. Keep a drink handy to tackle dry mouth and eyes!
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