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LSD strain has a lemony flavor and pine scent. LSD medically can be beneficial when used for fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression while the high CBD is good for more serious conditions. This strain can ease mild to moderate chronic aches and pains. LSD strain is often prescribed to help deal with stress, anxiety, or depression. Patients also use the strain to treat insomnia, and a few choose it to help combat migraines.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Mazar I Sharif x Skunk No.1
  • Citrus x Earthy x Sweet
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Creative x Uplifted
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    LSD by Real Marijuana Online

    LSD Weed Strain, named for its amazing hallucinogenic effects and extremely uplifting, cerebral and psychedelic high, this marijuana strain allows for cannabis users to experience the best of psychedelia without any risks of a negative or anxiety inducing trip that can often occur with true LSD! This phenotype is brought to you by renowned breeders at Real Marijuana Online based out of the weed capital of the world, Amsterdam, who have also introduced hits like Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Acapulco Gold and Grape Ape! The strain is a balanced sativa leaning hybrid with a THC count that reaches as high as 24% in addition to 5% CBD! With such a CBD count paired with an above average THC potency, the strain is not only ideal for well rounded effects and an enjoyable, happy high, but it’s also great for medical users of cannabis seeking an effective sativa!

    Effects Of LSD Weed Strain

    Because of its high potency, this strain( LSD Weed Strain)is not necessarily recommended for novice users as it can be overwhelming. LSD allows users to experience a strongly psychedelic high that is mostly cerebral with a bit of a head focused buzz. You will feel euphoric and upbeat, and some users note it also offers spurs of creativity and sociability, which can make it great for group settings.  Despite its strong mental stimulation, a couple hours into the high, users will also feel a sense of calmness and ease settle throughout their limbs and body. It can be quite relaxing and even couchlocking. Its uplifting nature makes it ideal for medical users seeking to alleviate symptoms of stress, PTSD, depression and anxiety, while its indica leaning relaxing effects paired with its CBD content can help with managing physical ailments, including chronic pains, arthritis, headaches, migraines, nausea and seizures. The sense of relaxation felt with LSD can also benefit users struggling with insomnia.

    THC Content

    While the LSD Weed Strain can be found as an indica dominant hybrid, this phenotype as well as many other variants of LSD are sativa leaning. This one in particular by Barney’s Farms is 55% sativa dominant to 45% indica, and has THC count that averages between 20% to 24%. Its CBD content is up to 5% on average, making it more rich in CBD than most strains on the market, and it also tends to carry 1% CBN.

    The strain was created by crossing Mazar-I-Sharif (sometimes referred to simply as Mazar for short), and Skunk #1. The former, Mazar, is actually a child of Skunk #1, and is an indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 80% to 20% sativa, and 20% THC as well as 1% CBN. Skunk #1, a super famous and one of the most popular strains in cannabis, has a lesser indica dominance with 65% indica to 35% sativa. Its THC potency averages between 15% to 19%, also containing 1% CBD and 1% CBN.

    Appearance & Aroma

    LSD nugs are spade shaped and medium to large in size. In colour, they are light to medium green with rusty orange pistils throughout, and some batches may contain patches of purple or blue hues, and all finished off with a coating of tiny crystal trichomes. It is quite pungent with its Skunk #1 genetics, though it is also quite refreshingly earthy and herbal with undertones of sweetness. When smoked, the flavours contain overtones of sweet citrus lemons that are complemented by further notes of herbs, creating a great taste that can be otherwise surprising when considering its more pungent aromas!

    Order LSD strain to put yourself in a deep state of relaxation

    LSD, as we all know, is a hallucinogenic drug that takes you to the moon and back. You can expect the same form of potency with LSD strains for sale. It is an Indica-dominant cross between Skunk and Mazar I Sharif with plenty of THC. You get a rich pine taste with some berry notes lingering on the tongue. The best way to consume it is through a vaping device since combustion may result in the loss of essential cannabinoids and terpenes.

    What makes cheap LSD strain a popular choice among cannabis lovers

    Purity and potency play an important role in determining the kind of effects one may experience. Buy LSD strain for an energizing cerebral high that allows you to unwind at the end of a hectic day. We recommend smoking it at least an hour or two before bedtime, and not when you are planning to go out. Medical marijuana patients can use it to relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. This high feeling enables you to forget your worries and enjoy a peaceful evening, followed by quality sleep. Please avoid overindulging, as it may lead to dizziness and paranoia.
    At Mega Marijuana Store, we offer LSD strain online with overwhelming properties. The level of quality we provide will make you crave for more. We know what it takes to satisfy our customers, and we leave no stone unturned in fulfilling your requirements. Thanks to our association with top-class breeders and producers, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We encourage responsible use of cannabis to ensure your safety. Should you need any details about our products, please feel free to get in touch with our team. We are always available to help you at your convenience!


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